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Ausgabe 4/2017

DENIM TODAY for a better tomorrow //


Designers who switch labels at the drop of a hat, copycats, a lack of imagination ... In the midst of all this fashion chaos, how are we supposed to find our way around the excessive choices currently being proffered to us by the fashion la bels? More and more luxury brands seem to be losing their essence,with single collections that are as diversified as the product palette of a supermarket. Oversaturated and jaded, we find ourselves stumbling from it-piece to it-piece – fashion can certainly be a stress factor these days.

But thankfully the traditions of denim offer a certain consistency in the scramble of short-lived hypes. Independent of trends, long-lasting, timeless and sustainable – denim makers, designers and brands are working tirelessly on the evolution of this popular fabric. New cuts, washes and fits are guaranteeing a wealth of favourite jeans to suit every taste. After all, there are no rules left to break!

Denim is also playing the leading role in this issue of J’N’C: Author Björn Lüdtke is revealing where the denim design journey will be taking us next season and we’re showcasing the summer 2018 trends by international denim manufacturers. We’re also talking to designers about their take on the “blue gold”.

PLUS: The hottest pieces for SS 2018 – Top sneakers and street style looks – Tradeshows: the must-attend events – Inspiration: deconstructed looks on the runways and streets.

We hope you enjoy reading this new issue – and keep on dres sing to express yourself!

Thorsten Osterberger

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