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Issue 3/2018


It’s time. Time for a change in values, something the world is in urgent need of. A new generation is stepping up, taking their future in their own hands. They want to do away with the various ills dreamed up by their forefathers, first and foremost, the massive destruction of the environment, as well as the unthinking wastage of resources. And as is often the case when it comes to seismic change, it comes almost imperceptibly – you see it coming only out of the corner of your eye, in the city, or in the behaviour of people, their appearance, their confidence and not least, their fashion.

As part of  our “Fashion’s got Attitude” special, we are taking a closer look at the shift in values in the fashion business, talking with the industry’s decision-makers and key players and asking which approach they feel is best for their company in order to meet today’s challenges such as sustainability and fair trade.

In our editorial, guest author Silke Bücker is providing an in-depth overview of brands, labels, manufacturers and organisations that have made the issue of sustainability one of their guiding principles, as well as taking a look at the expected market developments that lie ahead. In our interviews, we are also speaking with founders of internet platforms that only offer sustainable products. In addition, we have put together a comprehensive A-Z of all the relevant keywords regarding sustainability. 

Our round-table discussion with the most important Turkish denim manufacturers will also be focusing, among other topics, on sustainability, as well as on the latest developments in production. In our “Dandy Diary” column, founder Carl Jacob Haupt is getting worked up about the phenomenon of “greenwashing”, and in our cover editorial we are showcasing green fashion with Scandinavian understatement.

PLUS: A fashion editorial featuring upcoming designers, set on the periphery of Paris Fashion Week +++ Inspiring street styles and runway looks for SS19 +++ J’N’C goes NYC: street style meets classics +++ Michi Beck from German band Die Fantastischen Vier (The Fantastic Four) on his new label

Thorsten Osterberger
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