The Few - The Proud

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Ilona Marx

String-puller extraordinaire – she is over the moon at the fact that, after sixteen years, her baby is out of the woods! Fashion is an affair of the heart for her; networking just comes naturally. The only thing that makes her a little sad sometimes is the fact that her beloved cherryred 1970s Opel Cadet can't accompany her on all her travels.



Eva Westhoff

Unrelenting strictness as an editor and unrestricted passion as a freelance author are two aspects that define her. The expert in German studies is a glowing admirer of Thomas Bernhard and in addition to the German language, has a soft spot for German music – last but not least for some of the bands from her hometown, Düsseldorf, at whose concerts she can always be found in the front row.



Fredericke Winkler

Everyone in Berlin who has anything to do with fashion knows this author, who is always excellently informed and a source of information. Good style doesn't just interest her in theory. In her own shop 'Belleville' the business woman used to sell avant-garde clothing and she also teaches at the distinguished Esmod Academy. How she manages to raise her kids on top of all that remains a mystery.



Martin Steinigen

Even in the most stressful final correction phases this graphic designer keeps a cool head. He’s the poker face of the editorial office, who always manages to pull the ace out of his sleeve at the last minute. Thanks to him and his first rate graphics agency, Chewing the Sun, in Wuppertal, we can look back on seven years of top class layouts, as well as the J’N’C logo.



Roman Klonek

A tree of a man! The unabated creative power of the illustrator who has been illustrating our city guides for four and a half years now – you can almost feel it coming off the page. Klonek is particularly successful in the US, most recently he worked for the New York Times, Wired and the San Francisco Chronicle.



Other Busy Bees



Dennis Fischer

Despite being just 25 years old, the Stuttgart all-round talent Dennis Fischer has already had more different jobs than the average pensioner. After finishing school and completing a car mechanic apprenticeship, he began his professional life by working full-time at his parents’ window-fitting business. But what his family didn’t realise: Dennis had long since sold his soul to fixed-gear bikes and photography. The proof can be found by the dozen on the internet and in the most diverse print magazines, as well as on the pages of the ‘Love for Barcelona’ book, which was published to commemorate the fixed-gear photo exhibition of the same name. For J’N’C he photographed ‘Playero Total’.



Edyta Kopcio

“Inspiration always comes unexpectedly. Sometimes it makes us happy, sometimes it confuses us, and in the worst case scenario it remains a secret for us because we don’t know how to deal with it,” explains the Polish-born stylist Edyta Kopcio when asked about the core of her work. And with her contribution to the J’N’C photo spread ‘Le Pierrot Solitaire’ the 32-year-old, who has meanwhile relocated to Berlin, is once again proving that the key to genuine creativity lies in always seeing the world with eyes wide open.



Felicity Sagoe

Born and raised in North London, Felicity Sagoe not only discovered her love for vinyl records and films by Wim Wenders, Stanley Kubrick and Werner Herzog at an early age, but, armed with a Zenith camera, she also shot her first photo series at the tender age of 15. What began as a hobby turned into a profession after her fashion degree and, in 2006 with the founding of her own agency Rootdown, has led to commissioned work for publications including BabyBabyBaby Magazine, Junkie Magazine and Russian Vogue. Parallel to the planning of her first exhibition, Felicity photographed model Jessi M’Bengue for J’N’C.



Åsa Lundström

After growing up as a child of nature between elks and bears in the solitude of northern Sweden, Åsa Lundström moved to Stockholm when she was almost 19 years old where she first completed an art degree at the renowned Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts & Design, before stopping off via New York and London in 2008 to become a stylist in Berlin. The meanwhile 36-year-old, who fastidiously avoids meat products from massproduction farming and, despite a fiercely passionate love for the German capital, misses the peace, tranquility and fresh air of her native country, took care of the right look for J’N’C in ‘You are me’.



Gerlind Hector

As a freelance journalist, copywriter and lecturer for fashion texts and photography Gerlind Hector not only works day in, day out, on the subject of fashion, but is also aware that everything is linked together anyway. Which is why, despite her instinct for style and class, the parallel reading of Spiegel, Brand Eins, Bild and Gala is no big deal for her. After periods in Düsseldorf and Hamburg, for a few years now she has been living with her family in Grünwald, the Beverly Hills of Munich, where she has so far successfully managed to resist the ultimate assimilation in the form of Botox injections, silicone implants and hair bleaching. For J’N’C the yoga fanatic and passionate camper has taken a closer look at the subject of jersey pants.



Akihito Igarashi

Born and raised in Niigata, Japan, Akihito Igarashi moved to Europe after he'd finished school, where he began a degree in design at the London College of Fashion with the aim of becoming a stylist – only to then swap his sketchpad and sewing machine for a camera to concentrate fully on fashion photography. After returning home, the now 28-yearold worked as a photo assistant in Tokyo before returning to the Thames metropolis after missing it so much. There, for different magazines as well as his own blog, he is currently documenting the many and varied interfaces of fashion and music in images. For J'N'C the chain-reading 'Parklife' fan set 'A Scarlet Angel' in scene.



Jakob Brondum

In 2001, Danish born Jakob Brondum gave up his ambitious career as a professional horse rider, sold his horse and – armed with his savings, his 'My Sharona' single by The Knack, several bags and suitcases and a head full of ideas – moved to London where he began a degree at the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. After stints as a stylist's assistant at Dazed & Confused and Harper's Bazaar he not only created the right look for The Horrors, Franz Ferdinand, Grand Olè Party and Peaches Geldof, but also worked as a stylist and consultant for Louise Amstrup and 1205. Jakob loves his new Prada shoes, summer sun, days off and New York shop/restaurant institution 'The Smile'. For J'N'C he took care of the styling for the Courtney Love homage entitled 'Dirty Blonde'.



Alexandra Heckel

Whether as a stylist, fashion editor, DJane or on a design mission with her own fashion label Proportion – there’s no stopping the bundle of energy known as Alexandra Heckel. So it’s hardly surprising that her portfolio has taken on virtually biblical proportions during the past nine years and, alongside magazines like Intro, Spex, Deutsch and Vanity Fair, also includes the most diverse work for television channels, sportsmen and women and musicians. To relax after a busy day, the Berlin resident recommends either a cosy cooking session with good friends, going to a ‘Belle and Sebastian’ concert or watching ‘I’m a Cyborg but That’s OK’ on DVD. For this issue of J’N’C she was responsible for the styling of ‘Leaving Ibiza’.



Christoph Voy

“30 degrees in the shade and hordes of party people below are spilling into the Hotel Bon Sol in Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza. Now I’m almost forty I say: Party my ass. Tomorrow we’re shooting an editorial here for J’N‘C à la ‘Leaving Las Vegas’. That’s more my kind of party. Getting through the day with Licor 43, a sweet brew that looks great and tastes okay. During the past ten years I’ve photographed my way through a lot of parties and rock’n’roll, until I realised that taking the photos was what was important to me. But even the best film gets boring if you watch it three times a week. That’s why I’m looking forward to tomorrow and my sofa in Berlin.”



Andy Rumball

As a Brit and self-confessed 'man in grey', Andy Rumball loves noncolours. But because he's not totally averse to change, a few years ago the photographer swapped the grey skies of his hometown for the grey skies of Berlin, where he, if requested, is also willing to portray the life and work of his colleagues and clients, including Nike, Spex, German weekly newspaper Die Zeit, The Wire, Neon and 4AD Records, in full colour. And it goes without saying that he has always remained faithful to his monochrome passion. For this issue of J'N'C Andy photographed the 'The Forest' editorial.



Johanna Ruebel

Johanna Ruebel was pretty much born with the travel bug. She moved from Hamburg to France with her family at the age of seven and with her Baccalauréat under her belt she hotfooted it to the ateliers and lecture halls of the renowned Central Saint Martins College in London, where she dedicated herself to the art of graphic design and photography. The tortoise and tea lover currently divides her time between London and Berlin, from where she photographs and illustrates for publications including Teen Vogue, Sleek Magazine and Flux. She is making her J’N’C debut in this issue with the ‘The Tender Spot’ fashion editorial.



Johannes Thumfart

Born in 1978, Johannes Thumfart studied philosophy and history in Berlin and Paris and graduated with his thesis about colonialism in Latin America. As well as teaching at the FU Berlin and the Colegio de México in Mexico City, Johannes is a freelance journalist whose work has been published in German newspapers like the Süddeutsche Zeitung, TAZ and Die Zeit, as well as in different English magazines such as Lodown. For this issue of J’N’C he is reporting directly from the hotspots of Mexico City.



Rachel de Joode

Born in 1979 in the Dutch town of Amersfoort, Rachel de Joode started out studying time-based art at Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveld Academy, before devoting herself as an artist, graphic designer, editorial photographer, curator, auction house founder and Meta Magazine publisher to a completely genre-spanning art approach. Her work hasn’t only been shown in exhibitions in Amsterdam, Xiamen, Mexico City, Oslo and Herzliya, but also on Arte-TV, in Picnic Magazine, Vorn Magazine, the NY Arts Magazine, as well as featuring in different publications by the Gestalten Verlag. For J’N’C the Berliner-bychoice captured the secrets of Mexico City on camera.



Erwin Wenzel

After taking the graffiti scene by storm as a member of the RUF crew for a good 15 years, Erwin Wenzel realised he also wanted to present his artistic views on reality in a legal way. This desire was so overwhelming that, during his photographic training, he finally decided to swap his spray can for a camera and start focusing his attention on films instead of graffiti-bombing trains. This proved to be an extremely sustainable decision, which not only rewarded the Düsseldorf local, who is meanwhile a father of two, with a wide portfolio of noteworthy clients such as Die Zeit, MTV, Insight, BMG and Style and the Family Tunes, but also brought a sense of calm to his life. For J'N'C the Sardinia fan shot the ‚The Early Bird' editorial. The soundtrack was provided by The Beastie Boys and Die Ärzte.



Valerie Soschynski

Originally from Berlin, Valerie Soschynski stayed in her hometown to study fashion journalism and media communication for five semesters at the Academy of Fashion & Design. In 2010 she gained experience in the editorial office of Elle in Munich. And she left her beloved capital city for a second time to move to Düsseldorf for four months and start a work experience placement at J'N'C. Since then the 23-year-old has been valiantly finding her way through the depths of fashion jungle on a daily basis and sharing her findings with the outside world via blog texts. In the current issue Valerie is not only presenting the most interesting fashion newcomers in 'Labels to Watch', but also the most coveted 'Moody Goods', this time with an 'Animal Kingdom' theme.



René Fietzek

Why can't the attributes of both 'nature lover' and 'aesthete' be combined in one person? This was a question René Fietzek asked himself. Shortly after leaving school, he bid farewell to his idyllic homeland of Eastern Friesland in the north of Germany to try his luck in Hamburg and Vienna during a long drawn-out degree in theatre and media sciences – which he finally found in the study of photo design at the Lette Verein photography school in Berlin. René, who now lives in the German capital, sees himself as less of an artist and more a dramaturge, prefers to photograph using only natural light, doesn't like unnaturally posing models and enjoys being inspired by good food, good books and adventurous travel. For the current issue of J'N'C René shot 'Modern Mimesis'.



Lea Nielsen

Born in Copenhagen, at the tender age of just sixteen, Lea Nielsen headed to London, where – after having to give up her intended career as a professional dancer due to an injury – she discovered the fine art of photography, and from then on barely left the house without a camera in her hand. After her first assignments in fashion and theatre the meanwhile 28-yearold returned to her hometown, before setting up camp in Berlin a short while later. For her 'Silence is golden' J'N'C shoot the ice-skating enthusiast and proven flea market expert was inspired not only by the visually stunning work of Ingmar Bergman and the strong women of 1930s cinema culture, but also by Patti Smith's 'Just Kids' biography and the musical works by French composer Yann Tiersen.



Sergio Membrillas

The illustrator, who was born in Valencia in Spain, is not only able to speak considerably quicker than us, but has also managed to describe himself in seven sentences. So let’s allow Sergio to have his say: “Drawing is my passion and also how I earn my living. I love cycling – especially through Berlin. I like the socialist-realist aesthetic of the sixties, films by Wes Anderson and the poorly recorded lo-fi music by a lot of the K-Records bands. Owls are my favourite animals, but I actually think all animals that live in the woods are great – as well as the actual woods themselves. I enjoy hanging round parks and looking at plants. And I love travelling around the world, which is why I immediately need to start planning my next trip!” For this issue of J’N’C, Sergio applied his creative skills to the subject of ‘Fashion and DIY’.



Adriaan Louw

Born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, Adriaan Louw initially studied graphic and commercial design, earning his money as an animation and motion artist. He then found his true passion in travel and photography in 2003 after becoming bogged down by the everyday grind of corporate agencies. And the 38-year-old has been travelling the world ever since. As well as his camera, his luggage always contains a copy of Ayn Rand’s ‘The Fountainhead’, the DVD of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and an MP3 player packed full of new and old songs on random mode. For the current J’N’C City Guide the self-professed rabbit lover embarked on a search for the hottest hotspots of São Paulo – and he quickly found what he was looking for.



Katharina Poblotzki

In Katharina’s words: “I was born and raised in Cologne-Mülheim, then via London, Melbourne, Stockholm and Copenhagen I set off for Berlin-Neukölln, where I live now, when I’m not currently taking photos in New York or exploring Rio de Janeiro for J’N’C, where I sought out the city’s coolest Cariocas in favelas, cemeteries and on beaches with stylist Alexandra Heckel. I used to travel around as a documentary filmmaker, and also worked as a photo and fashion editor and published my own magazine entitled ‘Neue Probleme’. Meanwhile I am fully committed to photography and have already collaborated with people like Sofia Coppola, Moby, M.I.A., Robyn and Florence & the Machine.” To be continued ...



Jolien Deckers

Born in Wuppertal and owner of a Belgian passport, Jolien Deckers was quite literally born with internationalism running through her veins. This might explain why the now 24-year-old gets just as excited about German forests and mountains as she does about Flemish Kriek (cherry) beer, paintings by the British Impressionist Alfred Sisley and French literature – en français, of course. The ballet-­loving Düsseldorf resident is meanwhile cultivating her penchant for razor-sharp word acrobatics, which she discovered at a very young age, during her degree in English studies and Romance languages, as well as currently in her work for J’N’C. She researched interesting newcomers for this issue’s ‘Labels to Watch’ section.



Linda Alfvegren

Born and raised in Ekerö, a small village near Stockholm, at the young age of eight Linda Alfvegren already preferred taking photos over going to school, which at an early stage paved the way for a life dedicated to "stopping time and looking back", as she refers to the fine art of photography. And inspiration is everywhere: looking out of her kitchen window, on her way to the supermarket, on her travels and on the football pitch, which she takes her eight-year-old son to several times a week. Linda is currently working on a children's book, planning at least two exhibitions – and fortunately managed to find enough time to shoot the 'The Artist' editorial for this issue of J'N'C.



Frauke Berg

Tel Aviv, Bergen, Buxtehude – Frauke Berg has been constantly on the go over the past few weeks and hates monotony. Especially of the creative variety. "Sitting at home and staring at the ceiling is not for me," emphasises the artist and illustrator from Düsseldorf, who is already hard at work on her next exhibitions. With musician Anja Laumann she is currently working on a project that is a liaison of sound and drawing. Frauke is also planning a record with the label of the Slowboys from Düsseldorf that will feature her edgy experiments. And on top of all that, she also illustrates for ZEIT Magazine and hip fashion journals. Oh, and not forgetting: Frauke was also responsible for the 2012 Kunstfilmtag (Art Film Day) trailer. In her opinion "every day offers new opportunities that are just waiting to be seized."



Andreas Zimmermann

Andreas 'Andizett' Zimmermann is a man of many talents. In 1998 he made an appearance as a model in the first ever J'N'C shoot and, as the in-house photographer of our city guides and co., has remained true to us ever since. When he's not currently sailing the seven seas on behalf of J'N'C, which is something that takes up a lot of his time, the 37-year-old from Düsseldorf, who has a photography degree from the renowned Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, is working intensely at the intersection between commercial art and artistic photography for galleries. Andizett is already on first name terms with his three moody tortoises Chelona, Hermes and Times Machine, who together are just as old as him. And as part of the 'Spontaneous Random' project he has immortalised the architectonic possibilities of Lego bricks. For this issue of J'N'C he travelled to Madrid.



Fee Romero

Born in 1982 in Hamburg, Fee Romero spent the majority of her childhood and teenage years in London and Berlin, before training at Estée Lauder and then becoming a self-employed hair & make-up artist at the tender age of 22. But because there's more to a creative life than locks, in her rare free time Fee teamed up with Spanish sculptress Adelaida Cue Bär to develop film and photo concepts beyond the norm. A cooperation that resulted in them setting up the all-round-project group La Roquette in Hamburg. For J'N'C the duo, together with photographer Amos Fricke, set the scene for the 'Blue Blood' editorial.


Gulliver Theis

Gulliver Theis

Born in 1971 in Freiburg in southern Germany, Gulliver Theis inherited his first Kodak Retina 3 from his grandfather in 1985. He experimented with it for a year before getting serious and succumbing to the art of photography in 1986. After winning the German Youth Photo Prize, in 1991 he first attended the Basel School of Design before studying communications design at the HAW Hamburg from 1994, finally ending up at the New York International Center of Photography in 1996. His passions are photography, food and travel. His personal mission: further developing the medium – from the pinhole camera down to large format, there isn’t much he hasn’t tried out! Additional interests: people, the world, politics and social issues. He doesn’t like: senseless consumerism and fleeting trends. For this issue of J’N’C Gulliver Theis portrayed his current hometown Hamburg.


neda rajabi

Neda Rajabi

Born in 1982 in Shiraz near Persepolis, raised in Germany and meanwhile at home in Berlin, at an early age Neda Rajabi started trying to get the bottom of the mystery of human beauty with a camera. But after leaving school she initially decided to study product design – before then finally finding her calling as a photographer after all. On set the passionate Persian cuisine chef and foodie prefers working with friends and kindred souls from the most diverse of disciplines, because “then the work doesn’t feel like work, but fun. The mood is right and creates that special something which gives the pictures a certain quality!” Neda likes travel adventures, unique sounds and fragrances and is quickly bored by boredom. For J’N’C she took photos of ‘Jolie Fleurie’.



Ingo Fast

Growing up in the Black Forest and on the shores of Lake Constance, a pre-teen Ingo Fast found it difficult to decide between painting and sailing as his first true love. So he simply combined both by doing countless drawings of sailing boats, which he gave to his family. It was an obsession, that, years later, led to an Atlantic crossing as well as a degree at Berlin’s Hochschule der Künste (University of the Arts) and The Parsons School of Design in New York. Meanwhile based in Bangkok, Ingo spends his time playing table tennis, listening to music, swimming and keeping his kids amused, when he’s not busy supplying his global clientele, including the New York Museum of Modern Art, the New York Times, Time Magazine and American Express, with illustrations. For this issue of J’N’C Ingo Fast drew his vision of the it-bag.



Shuhei Shine

During a turbulent childhood and adolescence in Ishikawa, Japan, Shuhei Shine learnt to appreciate his camera as an adequate tool for the long-term archiving of everyday life, as well as expressing his creative visions. His first job was working for Miyazawa Masaaki, before he set off for London with several suitcases and his entire equipment in 2009, where he has earned his crust as a freelance photographer ever since. When Shuhei isn’t rushing from set to set or settling down to watch his favourite DVD ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ for the umpteenth time, he is travelling around the globe, always accompanied by the songs of Japanese rock musician Kyosuke Himuro and several issues of the Manga series JoJo Bizarre. For J’N’C he took photos of the ‘Pale Riders’.


 gunnar tufta

Gunnar Tufta

A plastic flamingo in his neighbour’s garden served as the catalyst for Gunnar’s career. The London-based Norwegian is meanwhile a sought-after fashion and advertising photographer and has worked together with renowned colleagues like Steven Klein and Nadav Kander. Although his profession requires him to travel from one metropolis to the next – he is currently busy in New York – he still sees himself as a real country bumpkin. For him, nothing can beat trudging through the neverending darkness of a Scandinavian winter, wrapped up in half a dozen jumpers. For this issue of J’N’C Gunnar took photos of ‘Thelxinoe’.


john gripenholm

John Gripenholm

John Gripenholm can still remember his first ever camera: it was black with an orange button. But it wouldn’t make the cut these days!  After all the Stockholm-native is a sought-after photographer, shooting for labels like Lee and Monki and for glossy magazines like Dazed & Confused and Elle. He is a real perfectionist when it comes to lighting and light reflections. “Sometimes, when I’m talking to someone, I find myself paying closer attention to the light than on what they’re saying,” he admits. It seems that his profession has certainly left its mark on the non-blonde Swede.



Bodo Ernle

Just like German film director Roland Emmerich (“Independence Day” and “The Day After Tomorrow”), stylist Bodo Ernle also comes from the lovely city of Sindelfingen near Stuttgart. Disaster films aren’t really his cup of tea though; his five years spent at Bravo Girl! were just far too harmonious for all that kind of drama. Currently Bodo lives in Berlin-Kreuzberg but is on the move a lot, jetting round the world for magazines like Celebrity, Mr Style and Indie. You can tell by his styling that Bodo likes contrasts – in his personal life too. Glittery jacket or graffiti shirt, frog’s legs or fast food? It doesn’t really matter: he’s quite happy as long as he has a trip to sunny São Paolo in the pipeline. 



Annekatrin Looss

Someone who starts off their career as a Love Parade reporter is probably not someone you’d want to mess with anyway. But Annekatrin Looss is also an expert in kung fu and tai chi. But she only whips out her blue judo belt when someone really gets her goat. Which thankfully doesn’t happen that often, because the native Berliner is a real bundle of fun. And the smart jeans expert Jason Denham, whom she interviewed for J’N’C, thought so too. Currently the freelance journalist has plans to move to the countryside. Anyone who has a vacant, pretty house by a lake, for Annekatrin, her family, friends and assorted pets, should give her a call.


franziska kluen

Franziska Klün

"You really are a damned crow!" We can bet our bottom dollar that no one has ever said that to Franziska Klün. No, that's just the english translation of the title of a book of intimate interviews by her favourite literary journalist André Müller. Just like her role model, the 30-year-old journalist has sought out a specialist subject: Berlin's permanently changing fashion scene is her hobbyhorse, one which is unlikely to ever wear thin. Franziska was also involved in the development of the Berlin zitty Fashion Books, the must-have guide to Berlin's fashion scene of which there is meanwhile an entire series. every fashion freak based in the city on the spree River would give their eye teeth for a mention on its pages.


florian danner

Florian Danner

Florian Danner, our photographer based in Witten in the northeast of Germany, really does have a great set of pearly whites. And he needs them too, as his favourite food is a juicy steak with a salad garnish. His meat has to be grilled to perfection though; that's something he's very fussy about. But in all other respects, Florian is very much a fan of surprises. His favourite kind of holiday involves a rucksack and no travel itinerary, either to the taiga or the tropics, as long as it's extreme, that's the main thing. And as far as his work as a fashion and advertising photographer is concerned, he loves "simple, subtly emotional aesthetics with an artistic touch". So there you have it, a man with ideals!


biki john

Biki John

Biki likes it brightly coloured and extravagant! The London stylist with Nigerian roots is based in Berlin and loves experimenting with weird and wonderful looks. So it only makes sense that she is turning her hobby into her profession and making a name for herself on the fashion scene. She was head stylist at the Africa Fashion Day during Berlin Fashion Week and is currently working for various online and offline media. Her special trademark is definitely her humour, which is a rare commodity amongst bloggers. On her website My Fashion S/ash Life she explores 'the world of fashion and that crazy little thing called life'.


rainer rudolf benoit

Rainer Rudolf Benoit

Rainer is getting closer and closer to achieving his goal of paying off his debts before the climate crisis gets too serious. Firstly, because springtime has finally had mercy on us, and secondly, because he has a steady flow of work coming in. The Düsseldorf photographer is always open to anything outlandish and, as a keen mathematician in his spare time, he can easily prove the existence of chaos based on complex dynamic systems. For J'N'C he flew to Venice to visit isko's Creative Room, their new R&D division, and didn't lose his cool, even when the customs officials asked him to take his cameras apart three times. But then again, anyone who was lucky enough to spend their childhood in Mauritius, is sure to have the art of maintaining a calm composure down to a tee.


10 RW Contributors OliverHorton

Oliver Horton

As a writer, Oliver Horton spends a lot of time in front of his MacBook. In order to keep fit and boredom at bay, he's taken to sports with a vengeance: surfing in Waikiki, diving for sharks or paddle-boarding in Florida? Check. While he was in the Sunshine State he visited the Kennedy Space Center and took a trip in the space shuttle simulator. But motion sickness wasn't a problem for him, as he is always on the move and busy training anyway: for the past five years he's been taking weekly contemporary dance classes. Oliver doesn't see himself as unconventional though; after all he lives in London, the home of eccentricity. For this issue he took a closer look at the fashion scene in the English capital.



Björn Giesbrecht

Born in the German town of Kassel, Björn Giesbrecht loves French salami and, in a nutshell, is a pretty uncomplicated kind of guy. If he can pack his surfboard into his VW bus and drive to the coast he's perfectly content. But in his role as photo­grapher, on the other hand, he can be a real stickler for detail. That's because working behind the camera isn't just a job for Björn: it's his one true passion – including the eternal search for the perfect shot. As a fan of Vogue photographer Lachlan Bailey, who he dubs a 'modern Peter Lindbergh', Björn's work can certainly be elegant, but is never lifeless. Basically there's only one thing he really can't stand: and that's having his photo taken.



Karen Munnis

British Vogue, Glamour, – the London stylist kicked off her career by climbing straight to the top of the success ladder. Even style icons like Lou Doillon and Chloë Sevigny were always grateful when Karen found the right look for them. Karen Munnis considers herself very lucky to be working for international magazines, films and music video productions, as well as getting to be around actors and musicians all the time. She never feels like she needs a holiday from her job: a speedy cycle through the metropolis on the Thames with a small detour through the Columbia Road flower market is holiday enough. However, Karen still has plans to head to Hawaii this summer, where she's planning a big get-together with family and friends.


10 RW Contributors image2

Adelaida Cue Bär

More than anything else, the Hamburg-based stylist and artist adores Madrid, the city she was born in, and is an expert on the local nightlife. Her style icon, however, is Italian: the fashion journalist Anna Piaggi, who always caused a sensation with her outrageous outfits and who sadly died last year. If you're constantly creative and on the move like Adelaida, you need to unwind every once in a while: so her favourite pastime is camping out on northern Spanish beaches with her kids and eating octopus, or 'pulpo a la gallega' as it is known in those parts. This helps her to recharge her batteries for the work in her artists' collective 'La Roquette' which, on the other hand, is French and means 'rocket'.


Marie-Sophie Mueller         

Marie-Sophie Müller

Mankind, monsters, mutations – Marie-Sophie loves immersing herself in the ­biographies of her contemporaries and writing insightful portraits. One person who she'd really love to shake hands with personally is her style icon Cate Blanchett. Our new NYC correspondent is always busy travelling. Although it doesn't always have to be as luxurious as the time she flew by private jet to Morocco. That was when Marie-Sophie had the honour of accompanying a group of senior citizens for a report. "We brushed our teeth with champagne!" Pardon? We're looking forward to hearing more of her weird and wonderful stories!


Sonja Ragaller

Sonja Ragaller

Sonja is a true Bavarian who can't ­imagine living anywhere other than close to the Alps. Whether in the Höllentalklamm gorge, by the Spitzingsee lake or in the Pfaffenwinkel region – all she needs is ­alpine views and a juicy portion of roast pork every once in a while. Which also fits in with her dream of one day launching a cool magazine about typical Bavarian clothing. Not old-fashioned and rustic though, but with a cool and crazy twist. Apart from that Sonja has a penchant for strong guys, who are capable of getting things off the ground and have plenty of ideas. Diesel founder Renzo Rosso is one of them. But we'll also be asking her soon just what she thinks of climbers Alexander and Thomas Huber. Over a pretzel and some Obazda of course!


Ricardo Abrahao

Ricardo Abrahao

Eight months travelling through Asia with a rucksack have made Ricardo a passionate photographer. During the trip he not only trained his eye for the perfect image, but also made himself useful as a care worker in a hospital in Bhutan. Incidentally, the native Brazilian didn't mind at all that both TV and nicotine are banned in the ­country – he was too busy enjoying the variety of travelling as a boost to his creativity. Ricardo first earned his spurs as a graphic and product designer; but the photographer, who has chosen Paris as his home base, soon fell under the spell of fashion photography. Career alternatives? He might consider giving up his day job to be a rock star, but nothing less.


murielliebmann 2

Muriel Liebmann

After receiving her first camera at the age of 15, Muriel's favourite model was her little sister. And since then, she has constantly been on the lookout for locations, trends and inspiration, preferring to travel and tour around the globe than to stay put. Just like her colleague Tim Walker, the great storyteller of fashion photography, who she admires so much, the Hamburg photographer loves to look under the surface. For us she shot men's fashions on female models. With their pinch of androgyny the results are ultra-elegant and extremely feminine.


John Broemstrup 

John Brömstrup

John can cook – but he has more passion that he has patience! He is currently trying his hand at baking the perfect apple cake, just like granny used to make. And as well as having the pleasure of testing his culinary creations, his young son enjoys sharing more sportsmanlike pursuits with him. And by this we mean football, football and, oh yes, football. Which goes without saying for the die-hard St. Pauli fan. When he's not behind the decks in a Kreuzberg club, John can be found with a camera in his hand. He finds inspiration in daily life in Berlin, but also from artist colleagues.


 Contributor MathiasSuess

Mathias Suess

Siegfried would be green with envy: after all, Mathias Suess reckons hunting, riding and killing dragons are a breeze. Well, at least on paper. As, unlike the Nibelungen hero, this smart illustrator is also a dab hand with a pencil. He recently brought the 'Fishfinder' book to life with his wonderful illustrations, a publication which helps clueless anglers to differentiate a ­pikeperch from a piranha. But in addition to his advanced motor skills the nature ­lover from Bayreuth in Bavaria is also proving that he has a great sense of humour: this time he illustrated our Tongue-in-Cheek column 'Hits for Kids'.



Diana Diederich

“Seduction and inspiration, beauty and perfection,” Diana Diederich can’t enthuse enough about her biggest passion, photography. Born in Göttingen, she moved to Hamburg after her communications design degree and earned her first spurs in the photo and agency scene. Somewhere along the line she thought to herself: “I can do that too,” so she grabbed a camera and, before she knew it, had already acquired her first big clients. Diana even attracted the attention of ‘Elle’ China. So our shoot in Hamburg’s Gängeviertel district was essentially a home game for her.


marco huelsebus

Marco Hülsebus

“Never stay still” is Marco Hülsebus’ modus operandi. The hair and make-up artist loves jetting around the globe on his many photo shoots and film projects. Always on the lookout for the perfect wave – whether as a surfer or hair concept stylist. The former Vidal Sassoon student loves to try out new things and so for the current issue of J’N’C we got him to style our ‘Back Street Boys’ for us. The one thing that keeps him grounded though is his British bulldog, which, unlike a poodle, luckily requires minimal grooming – otherwise Marco might be tempted to start styling her too.


Contributor Huth

Marc Huth

Marc is generally pretty modest but he’s also partial to the odd drum roll every now and again. But as the drummer of a punk rock band that’s perfectly fine. And it also gives him a whole load of backstage credibility as a photographer. We sought out his photography skills for this issue, knowing full well that he is regarded as a punk in the business – in the professional sense of course. After a stint in New York the Cologne native now lives in Berlin, where life is good. In addition to his love of good whisky he enjoys pizza, pizza and pizza, his all-time favourite food. The other loves of his life are: music, fashion and the Maldives. In exactly that order.


Contributor SusannaMiska

Susanna Higham-Miska

It’s definitely true love between Susanna and her trusty steed Rosanna. Only for her beloved Oldenburg mare will our copy editor take off her 12-centimetre high heels, in which she effortlessly sprints around the office every day. Other than that, Susanna is a big fan of British style, she loves British humour and the typical British afternoon tea with cream cakes galore. Which, incidentally, you can’t tell by looking at her. With her love for the island, it’s no wonder she has a British husband. We are delighted about the fact that, in addition to Old and Middle English, Susanna is also clued up on modern Anglo-Saxon slang. Which makes her an indispensable member of our team.



Shandi Alexander

Whether salsa, flamenco or Caribbean dance – Shandi knows the moves. And she is constantly on the move herself. The New York stylist, who lived in Japan for four years, is always jetting around the world, either to take a new dance class or for a new styling job. And her career is certainly colourful: she has styled everyone from politicians like Gorbachev to crazy girls for top fashion mags. For Shandi it’s all in a day’s work. What inspires her? The nonchalance of Jane Birkin, the sexiness of Diana Ross and most of all the look of her mum and dad. “I have the most stylish parents ever!” she says. Which explains her natural talent when it comes to picking out cool outfits.


peter lorenz

Peter Lorenz

‘Don’t fight the feeling’: if creative work of Peter Lorenz is based on one guiding principle, then this is it. The Berlin photographer, whose second big love is moving images (his portfolio also includes advertising films and music videos), is known to draw inspiration from seemingly foreign genres like painting or literature. His freelance work is often abstract and monochrome. Art and commerce, a contradiction in terms? “Not if you act on your gut feelings.” Versatility rules – and all the more so since Peter started running the Berlin ‘Lightning Bolt Studio’ together with a graphic designer and a cameraman. For J’N’C he captured Stockholm’s “truly dreamlike light” on camera.



Cheryll Mühlen

When she was a child her mother called her ‘Benetton’. Because colour blocking had always been her thing, before she even knew what it was. The J’N’C trainee editor went on to learn all about that and more during her fashion journalism degree at the AMD Academy of Fashion & Design in Düsseldorf. Nowadays she describes herself as a “posh nerd” with a penchant for flash cars. And says if she won the lottery she would invest in a Chevrolet Camaro: “I don‘t need a big house, I need a big garage.” But Cheryll, whose mother is from the Philippines, also has other passions: her French bulldog-pug mix Paul, and sauerkraut gratin. What Cheryll likes about fashion? “It’s complex and superficial at the same time.”


galina green

Galina Green

According to Galina Green, good fashion isn’t rocket science. It’s simply a case of craftsmanship, skill, marketing and luck. She has a down-to-earth attitude when it comes to fashion icons – despite the fact that the daughter of a German and a Brit has witnessed the meteoric rise of Berlin fashion at first hand over the last 20 years. That’s how long the mother of two daughters has lived in Prenzlauer Berg, after leaving London behind. Galina runs a successful translation agency together with Paula Hedley (Trend Translations), which is also responsible for the English translation of J’N’C. Her degrees in textile design and German have stood her in good stead. She still remembers her first ever translation job: for the German band Rammstein, some of whom she shared a flat with. Despite her efforts, however, the band has stuck firmly to singing in German.


anita krizsanovic

Anita Krizanovic

Fashion is only superficial at first sight, according to the stylist Anita Krizanovic. With such broad horizons she refuses to limit herself to one and has proven her skills in various projects in which the focus is always on music and fashion. Originally from Frankfurt, she moved straight to Berlin after university. What she loves about her job is the new challenges and the fact that she always meets interesting people. At home her cat Kiwi brings her back down to earth and ensures that Anita can quickly relax and recharge her batteries.


hannah godde

Hannah Godde

The city of Mülheim an der Ruhr in North Rhine-Westphalia is rather unspectacular, but perhaps that’s the reason it has spawned some fantastic artists. In addition to the German comedian Helge Schneider, who is more responsible for the humour side of things, one such example is Hannah Godde, who has fully dedicated herself to the beautiful things in life – as a stylist and photographer. Starting out as a model and photo assistant in Hamburg she soon realised: this is it! The fashion industry with its ever-changing ideas, trends and talents fascinated her and every day she looks forward to working on projects, no matter how crazy. Soon also from New York and L.A.


paula hedley

Paula Hedley

It was during a trip to the beautiful River Mosel when the twelve-year-old Paula fell in love with Germany and its unwieldy language. Back home, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, she determinedly worked her way through a ‘Teach Yourself German’ book and translated texts from old Bravo magazines for fun, which resulted in her becoming top of the class and eventually going on to study the subject at university. Now based in Cologne, Paula earns a living with her hobby and, with her translation agency ‘Trend Translations’, which she runs together with colleague Galina Green, she specialises in fashion, lifestyle and marketing. For J’N’C she’s been translating our lifestyle articles and trend texts for what seems like half an eternity. What would we do without you, Paula?

Contributor ThomasSchmidt

Thomas Schmidt

Photography has always been his thing! Straight after finishing school, Thomas Schmidt studied design at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences before venturing off to New York. After all, everyone knows, “If you can make it there …”. He then spent a few years commuting between Paris and Hamburg, where he has now returned to live permanently and where his twins, who he is trying to teach the finer details of haute cuisine, very much keep him on his toes. For this issue of J’N’C he headed to the tennis courts. Mainly because he liked the geometric quality of the location. When it comes to his own sporting activities, he prefers riding through north Germany’s forests on the back of a trusty steed.

Contributor JanaClevé

Jana Clevé

Jana Clevé comes from the Siegerland region, which aptly means “the land of champions” in German. The fashion photographer, whose role models include colleagues like Benjamin Vnuk and Andreas Öhlund, as well as her grandfather, is certainly flying high. She has backpacked her way through Australia and New Zealand, and her job regularly takes her to cities like New York and Paris. Now based in Hamburg, she favours the Scandinavian countries with their peaceful landscapes and understated, clear-cut fashion. This is the type of clothing she loves to capture on camera, a task for which she occasionally rewards herself with a shot of nut schnapps.

Contributor KatiaWik

Katia Wik

Katia loves all things dainty and graceful. So when it comes to our four-legged friends she would always prefer a greyhound to a trendy pug. After spending a tranquil childhood and her teenage years in Erlangen, the photographer moved to Berlin, where she has specialised in high-quality fashion photography. She prepares for her shoots meticulously and is a master at creating moods out of everything she finds. When she had to suddenly reschedule everything for us, because the damp moorland we’d had in mind as our shoot location was quite literally a washout, Katia took it in her stride, proving her spontaneity and improvisational talent.

Contributor Miera

Eduardo Miera

We asked Eduardo Miera to shoot cool guys at the beach for this issue. No problem for the Catalan photographer: after all, he also loves hanging out on Icària and Mar Bella, the golden sandy playas of his hometown Barcelona. Which means he has seen his fair share of laid-back posing and knows exactly what makes a great shot. Edu, as he’s known, also finds inspiration on his many travels around the globe and in his kitchen: as well as being an excellent photographer, his aim is also to be an excellent cook.

Contributor Weber

Lars Weber

Cuddly rabbits, puppy dogs? Forget it! Lars Weber prefers Sphynx cats, a feline breed known for its lack of fur. Not that this surprises us, of course: we weren’t expecting anything mainstream from the Hamburg-based photographer when we asked him to join us in Berlin for a fashion shoot. Lars knows exactly how to create the perfect scene, and having trained as a communications designer working for numerous magazines in London and New York, he has an inimitable knack for lighting, composition and, of course, exciting visuals.

Contributor Rüss

Elke Rüss

At the age of eleven she sewed her first denim miniskirt and, accessorising it with her granny’s pearls, dressed up for her first ever photo shoot in the parish garden with her sisters. Yes, Elke is the daughter of a priest, the second of a total of five. Despite this, the Hamburg resident chose to seek her fortune beyond the religious realm, finding what she was looking for in the world of fashion. Following an apprenticeship in dressmaking in Nuremberg, she headed to London for a year when she was 19, before moving to Hamburg to study a degree in costume and fashion design. She applied her costume skills to the theatre, but ultimately, it was too much drama for her. The film buff still doesn’t want to turn her back on the theatre entirely though: “Maybe one day I’ll get to do the costume design for a film. That would be a dream come true.”

Contributor Gnacke

Jemima Gnacke

“Music is my life!” enthuses Jemima Gnacke, who after 13 years attending a Waldorf school cannot only dance her name, but is also a damn good singer. ­Writing is another of her passions, and following positions at Playboy (as an author!), and German newspapers Tagesspiegel and Zeit Online, she decided to take the freelance path in life. Which means she can now find time for extended trips to Thailand or ­India, where she loves to collect recipes. Her current favourite: papaya salad with sticky rice! For this issue of J’N’C, the Berliner visited urbanwear label Khujo in Hamburg.

Contributor Krumbacher

Leo Krumbacher

Ever since he was 13 years old, he has pretty much always had a camera in his hand. Leo Krumbacher has a penchant for all things visual and loves the natural beauty of women. So it made sense for him to specialise in fashion and beauty photography and to set up an office in Paris in addition to his home base of Hamburg. No sooner said than done! Since then, Leo has been taking photos for the world’s biggest magazines. When he’s finished work for the day he enjoys cooking up a storm in the kitchen, trying to convince his twin sons of the finesse of vegetarian cuisine. And so far he’s even had some success.

Contributor Steinhausen

Christian Steinhausen

Harvey Keitel, Willem Dafoe, Megan Fox – he’s had them all in front of his camera! Berlin-based Christian Steinhausen, who has roots in Munich and lived in New York for several years, really knows his stuff when it comes to fashion, people and portrait photography. He’s on first-name terms with colleagues like Ellen von ­Unwerth, Steven Meisel and Mario Testino and says he has a weakness for small flaws and imperfections on his shoots. But Christian isn’t quite as keen on disturbances when they involve wild boars interrupting his swimming sessions in the great outdoors. So it’s no wonder that this particular animal recently became one of his favourite things to eat...

 Contributor ValeriaMitelman

Valeria Mitelman

Valeria is more than just a pretty face – she’s also multilingual and studied philosophy and art. The photographer with Russian roots is wonderfully versatile and also the perfect team player. Which made her the ideal choice for our photo shoot in Berlin-Mitte, during which she showed model Angelina in her best light. Here Valeria used her imagination and concentration to ensure the perfect flow and inspired the whole team. Luckily she didn’t have far to travel to the set: after working in Hamburg, Edinburgh and London she has now settled in the German capital together with her family.

Contributor DomenicHerder 02

Domenic Herder

From Saarbrücken to Namibia – Domenic Herder, who meanwhile calls Hamburg his home, lived on several continents when he was a child, which is perhaps also why he has maintained his eternal curiosity and an eye for the right visuals. He couldn’t wait to shoot the ‘Roller Coaster Afternoon’ fashion editorial for us at Hamburg’s Dom funfair and, despite being afraid of heights, managed to scale one or two of the fairground rides to get the perfect shot. Prior to taking the photos, he scouted the most photogenic spots on his bicycle – very sporty! Domenic loves sushi, dedicates a lot of his spare time to film, travel and music and, as a former pupil of a Waldorf school, he can no doubt also dance his name – we’re looking forward to a demonstration next time we see him. 

Contributor TanjaBecker

Tanja Becker

“Always use sunscreen” is Tanja Becker’s top advice, and she should know: in her free time, the stylist loves riding wild waves on her surfboard. Tanja comes from Kassel right in the centre of Germany and made her way to Berlin via a few detours. Back when she left school no one had heard of the profession ‘stylist’ – but with an advertising degree and a stint at a fashion agency, Tanja Becker simply created her own job profile and soon became indispensable on the fashion scene. After four years in the city on the River Spree, it’s time for another change of scenery. But before she packs her suitcase and heads off to New York, we were lucky enough to get her on board for a fashion editorial.

mahret kupka

Mahret Kupka

Just how does she manage it all? Author, fashion theory lecturer, curator at the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt – and also a pro at taming her curly locks into a cycling helmet. Mahret Kupka is extremely versatile. She has been entering triathlons since her childhood and was able to prove her fitness by pounding the pavements of her hometown for our Frankfurt city guide. On her tour she was delighted to discover previously unknown corners and meet fascinating people, who she found it hard to tear herself away from. But Mahret also likes to relax and unwind now and again: by stroking dogs, watching American TV series and eating schnitzel.


dennis weber

Dennis Weber

Dennis Weber is someone who really cares. The photographer is happiest when he’s working in a laid-back, friendly atmosphere and, as well as always being in a good mood, he also enjoys looking after his entire team. As a passionate hobby baker he never turns up to a shoot without one of his homemade chocolate cakes. And as a huge fan of style and elegance, the self-taught photo buff, who specialises in men’s fashions, always aims for the perfect look, which if need be, he can even create himself: after all, Dennis is a dab hand at hair, make-up and styling too; not only on set but also at home in front of the mirror. Which regularly leads to confusion: he’s often mistaken for the male model at photo shoots.

johannes graf

Johannes Graf

“Let the sun shine in!” is the motto that Johannes Graf lives by. He lives and breathes his job as a fashion photographer. As a qualified sports scientist he is good at coping well with speed and adverse weather conditions, but has since specialised in fashion. No summit is too high and no wave too big for the Bavarian; which is why he’d prefer to move his favourite city of Munich to the Atlantic Ocean if he could. And because he’s such a keen traveller, he didn’t mind travelling back in time for our photo shoot. We scouted the ideal location for him: an empty old house from the 1960s, still with the original décor.

cathrin beck

Cathrin Beck

Cathrin was born and bred in Düsseldorf and has no plans to leave the green pastures of the Rhineland. And why would she? This is where her friends, family, husband and Petrie, her most loyal companion, all live. While Cathrin photographs her stills, the purebred whippet can usually be found lying well-behaved in the corner, and is just as bad at getting out of bed in the morning as she is. But she was definitely wide-awake on our shoot for his issue’s must-buys. To recharge her batteries she likes to spend her summers in a small village in the Provence with plenty of baguette and vin rouge by the litre.

frauke fischer

Frauke Fischer

Born in East Berlin before the Wall came down, photographer Frauke Fisher experienced the turbulent cultural changes of the German capital city up close and personal. After studying ethnography and Indian art history she turned her attention to photography. ‘More is more’ is the code she lives by, and that’s exactly how this issue’s fashion shoot in Kreuzberg went down. In mid-January, despite the icy cold and a biting easterly wind, Frauke’s positive energy and upbeat mood helped to warm the hearts of our shivering team. And just before we wrapped for the day she even managed to get the sun to peek out from behind the dark clouds.


nikolaus grünwald
Nikolaus Grünwald

Sydney, Seoul, South Texas – Nikolaus certainly knows his way around planet Earth, and always has his two Canons and Pentax 645z close to hand. On his home turf in Stuttgart he can be spotted skating around on his roller skis, preparing for the winter cross-country ski season. The architectural and people photographer is certainly fit as a fiddle, as he proved during our trip to Dubai, where he packed so many locations and appointments into a very short time with impressive results. But there’s no doubt that this was also down to his excellent organisational skills – and we’d expect nothing less from a law student who just passed his second state examination.




Pierre & Gilles, Mert & Marcus... photographer duos aren’t uncommon. So, Florian and Sebastian – also known as Kapturing – are in good company. The two residents of Hamburg met on a fashion photography course at the Bauhaus University in
Weimar and it quickly became clear that they spurred each other on and complemented each other’s creativity. Together they live and work according to the motto: ‘Fulfil your dreams, stay grounded and always give your best’ and split their time between Germany and South America. For our men’s fashion editorial, they didn’t have far to go: the shoot took place in their own four walls in St. Pauli.


Sarah Kühl

Sarah Kühl

Even when she was a teenager, Sarah knew exactly what she wanted: to work on gorgeous photo shoots! She started out using her dad’s handheld camera and her best friends as assistants and models, before eventually turning her hobby into her profession. After training to become a photographer and with a degree in communications design under her belt, Sarah Kühl was an assistant in Paris for a few years before returning home to Hamburg, where she currently works as a fashion and beauty photographer. For our editorial entitled ‘Unisono’ she set off for Berlin on a warm autumn day, a city that she not only
loves for its great production conditions: “You can rely on the weather here, not like in Hamburg,” she says.


ariane lindhorst

Ariane Lindhorst

A fashion victim with both feet firmly on the ground, Ariane Lindhorst knew which fashion labels were currently hot or not when she was just 12 years old. And because she wanted to immerse herself in the world of style, she studied fashion journalism and media communication in Hamburg, before making her mark in the world of glossy magazines as a fashion assistant. With the birth of her son Lennox came her second big passion in life. Meanwhile a freelance stylist, for this issue she turned the spotlight onto jeans with an unusual take on this evergreen wardrobe staple. As a working mother with fashionista
tendencies, this was the perfect job for Ariane.

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