Oliver Schultz - Five Fellas, Geesthacht/Germany

Montag, 06. November 2017
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From the DENIM BRANDS TO WATCH Interviews from J'N'C Magazine N°70 / 4-2017, Interviews: Thorsten Osterberger & Cloat Gerold

Five Fellas CEO Oliver Schultz teamed up with the international denim experts Georg Jacobi, Stefan Lohmann, Guido Wetzels and Rubis & Patrick Arce. Together, they want to stir up the world of jeans.

Why, of all fabrics, do you believe that denim is such a perennial favourite in the fashion world?
A unique fabric that lives with us because it ages with us and develops its personality the older it gets. Our favourite jeans keep on getting better over time because they tell an individual story – that of their wearer.

As a designer, how do you deal with the rich heritage of this fabric?
Before denim became a fashion element, the focus was on functionality and durability. The fabric and the way it was made were the most important aspects here, whereby the functionality used to be more important than the look. Today it’s the opposite: the look is more important than the durability. We combine aesthetics and zeitgeist with the tradition of durability and functionality.

Do you orientate yourself on classic designs or do you try to completely reinvent the patterns?
It’s essential that we look back, understand the history and be inspired by it. Our aim is to achieve a good balance between heritage and contemporary.

Which silhouettes dominate your collections? What direction do you see the trends taking in the next few years?
Women: Skinny is continuing to play an important role, but for us the new bootcut with a very narrow leg and a slightly flared hem is a real highlight – paired with high heels, it’s a really sexy look without going down the 70s route.
Men: Slim is also still important here and the relax shapes in robust denim are a new addition.

Do you prefer robust, rough or soft, flowing materials?
Classic slub structures, ring-woven and open-end looks combined with the most modern dual core yarns – that’s what forms the basis of Five Fellas.

Do you notice a big difference between the trends the press enthusiastically picks up on and what ultimately works in terms of sales?
Yes, because many trends like high-rise and bell bottoms only work in a niche, mostly for very young target groups, and not on the mass market.

Do you have any special plans for the upcoming season? What’s on your to-do list?
The launch of Five Fellas, a new brand that we’ve been working on for over three years.

What is your label’s USP?
Five international denim experts know the needs of the customers and have joined forces to develop these jeans together. Our aspirations, our passion, our craftsmanship expertise and our knowledge of finishes are what make our jeans so unique.
A completely new finishing concept that is based on a classic ageing process. Our jeans are available in four grades of ageing: 6, 12, 24 and 36 months.
A new fit concept, in which each of our four ladies’ and men’s cuts are based on the same bottom shape and only the different leg style defines the silhouette. Every fit is also available in all ageing grades.
We produce using traditional handcrafted methods, using as few natural resources as possible, thereby guaranteeing the highest degree of sustainability. We treat our employees, suppliers and partners with respect and appreciation.
Our jeans are only available from selected specialist retailers. The retail price of our premium jeans is €100.
Our denim is produced by Candiani in Italy, a family-run company that was established in 1938 and combines creativity with the latest technology. Candiani is meanwhile the biggest denim producer in Europe – and the most sustainable one in the world.

Who’s your target group?
Jeans lovers who aren’t willing to make compromises.

How will you be marketing your collection in the future?
Our distribution is selective and is aimed specifically at specialist retailers.

Your personal favourite jeans are by...?
Five Fellas.

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