Darren McCoy - Global Product Category Manager Dr. Martens/London

Dienstag, 01. August 2017
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DarrenMcCoy.jpgFrom the GOOD STUFF Interviews from J'N'C Magazine N°69 / 3-2017, Interviews: Cloat Gerold & Thorsten Osterberger

With a history stretching back to 1960, Dr. Martens is one of Britain´s most traditional shoe brands.

What is the secret of keeping your traditional products up to date?
Dr. Martens has a rich cultural and design heritage that we can draw inspiration from. The secret is taking that back story and interpreting it for new generations of footwear consumers. We aim to balance the iconic Dr. Martens DNA with updated and fresh models that progress the brand and keep it moving with the times. In response to a shift in global footwear trends towards lighter-weight, athleisure footwear, we created our DM’s Lite range. We are proud to have created a story that is instantly recognisable as a faithful interpretation of our Originals collection, yet incorporates contemporary attributes such as a new leather upper and modernity through the sole construction that makes them two-thirds lighter.

Dr. Martens had to close a lot of factories round the turn of the century. What were the reasons for this development and how did you make the brand so successful again?
As with many European brands at the time, DM’s moved the majority of production capabilities to other parts of the world in order to remain competitive in the 21st century; in the case of Dr. Martens our original factory in Cobbs Lane, Northamptonshire was retained and continues to make our Made in England and Vintage collections.

What 21st century techniques and materials are you using?
We are always looking to innovate in our materials and production techniques. A lot of developments come from our industrial range, from where they then filter into our mainline. Market research, consumer trends and reconnaissance trips also drive our creative direction on a seasonal basis, which in turn identifies areas of focus for material innovation.

How do you rate the success of your new shoe lines like heeled shoes, sandals and sneakers?
DM’s has built equity in heeled and sandal ranges; we continue to work on these categories to ensure that consumers can choose DM’s for those occasions that do not compromise on the quality and style for which we are renowned.

Are you planning to introduce even more new product lines in the near future or do you prefer to establish, develop and broaden the existing ones?
We do intend to extend our product lines in future, however over the past 12-18 months we’ve made significant investments in collections such as DM’s Lite, Originals and Made in England as we wish to continue to stimulate interest in products that anchor our brand at its core.

How do you choose your cooperation partners, and what´s in store for the future?
Stüssy and Supreme have been partners of the brand for a number of years as they have similar subcultural followings to Dr. Martens in terms of surf, skate and the wider street culture. We look for tie-ups where there is a strong and authentic affinity with our brand. We have a strategic plan that focuses on music, art, street fashion and youth culture. We have formed strong bonds and partnerships in these fields and will continue to strengthen them.

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