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Montag, 24. Juli 2017
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From the GOOD STUFF Interviews from J'N'C Magazine N°69 / 3-2017, Interviews: Cloat Gerold & Thorsten Osterberger

Caro Daur has modelled for Calzedonia and Dolce & Gabbana and blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle on

How does a product become a timeless classic?
A timeless classic tells a story. For me it´s something that exudes traditional values and suits every era.

Can you imagine a younger generation in the future spending more money on timeless pieces than on short-lived trends?
Absolutely. Recently I also started investing in timeless pieces. It´s just so much more efficient. I wear them much more often and I really feel connected to them.

Is it possible for a certain style or a print pattern to grow into becoming “timeless” because it has been repeatedly on trend so many times throughout fashion history?
Yes. I think that at this time, the world is adapting new styles, especially right now. Everything is possible.


"Trendiness and quality should always be in harmony."


Slogans like “Slow Fashion”, “Less is more” and “Stuffocation” are trending right now. Can you tell if this development will be catching on fashionwise and in the long term?
It depends. I think the slogan “less is more” is not noticeable everywhere. Gucci – for example – shows the opposite. Also Balenciaga, with its colourful flower prints, expresses another way. Of course I think in the long term timeless pieces like the Chanel bag or the Cartier watch will “survive”.

Do you think quality sometimes has to take a back seat to trendiness?
No. Trendiness and quality should always be in harmony.

Please name three timeless classics everybody should have.
A Chanel bag, Ray Ban Sunglasses and a pair of Levi´s 510s. Why? Because they all look good everywhere and in every situation!

Please name three very trendy products you are glad of having hung on to over the years.
My Givenchy boots, because they are so comfortable and special. My Dior earrings with my initials (CD ), because they´re just super cool?! And also I really love my Vetements high heels — so comfortable and special!

Your favourite timeless classic?
My Cartier Panthère watch. It tells a story and is simply beautiful! Even my mom wants to steal it!


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